What is the Customer Space?

It is a link between customers and Algeria Telecom.

The Customer space is a Webpage https://client.algerietelecom.dz that gives a quick and easy access to a secure personal space, allowing you to manage your subscription namely Idoom Fixe, Idoom ADSL, Idoom FIBRE and Idoom 4G LTE.

It is possible for each customer (Idoom Fixe, Idoom ADSL and FIBRE, Idoom 4G LTE) to create a Customer Space.

Who can create a Customer Space?

The customer space is available for every customer subscribed to one of the following offers:

Idoom FIXE (Landline)

Idoom ADSL (internet)

Idoom FIBRE (Internet)

Idoom 4G LTE (Internet)

Why should i create my Customer Space?

The customer space is your toolkit (Idoom Fixe, Idoom ADSL, Idoom Fibre, and Idoom 4G LTE).

With your account, you can:

Manage your subscription;

Track your consumption;

Recharge your Internet account;

Find out more about the online payment “e-payment”;

View and download your landline bills;

Pay your landline bills;

Consult the subscription expiry dates;

Follow the recharge operations;

Consult your personal information;

report a disturbance;

activate the backup charging service IDOOMLY;


How do I create my Customer space?

Simply go on the account section; click on the menu, then on “Customer space”;

Once on the Customer space interface, you have to log in according to your subscription type “Idoom Fixe, ADSL or Fibre” or “Idoom 4G LTE” and simply follow the steps.

I created an account and forgot my password?

If you forget your password, please enter the Customer space and click on “Forget password?”, an email for renewing your password will be sent to you on your email.

I have a problem, who should I call?

For any information, assistance or complaint, please contact your nearest store or call 12 or 021 21 12 12 from a landline or mobile, our call center advisors will assist you.